Lay Servant Ministries logo - Leading, Caring, CommunicatingThe purpose of Lay Servant Ministries is to enlist, train, guide and support lay servants as they equip and prepare others “for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12)

Lay Servant Ministries is deeply embedded in the history of United Methodism as John Wesley realized the laity could be effective leaders of meetings throughout the church. Roles included leadership in preaching and conducting worship but also leadership in leading studies, visiting the sick and imprisoned. Lay Servants were encouraged to “watch over one another with love.” The three tenets of Lay Servant Ministries are LEADING, CARING, and COMMUNICATING in mission and ministry within and beyond the United Methodist Church.

A Certified Lay Servant serves the local congregation and beyond. They must have taken the Basic Course and at least one advanced course. They are required to file an annual report and must complete one advanced course every three years.

The August Lay Servant Ministry classes will be hosted by Sedona United Methodist Church on August 25-26. Registration deadline August 21. Click here to register

Courses Offered
Basic Course – Introduction to Lay Servant Ministries – an introductory course designed to equip new church leaders and renew current leaders in the UMC. This course is the first step in becoming a Certified Lay Servant.  
Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century – this is a practical guide for building ministry for older adults.

Each Course Fee – $30 (Participants are responsible for purchasing and reading the text in advance of the course).

The September Lay Servant Ministry classes will be hosted by First United Methodist Church of Tempe on September 15-16. Registration deadline September 11. Click here to register

Courses Offered
Dancing with Words – what constitutes a good story, discover storytelling styles, learn the techniques of effective storytelling, and practice creating stories from their experiences.
Come to the Table: Communion – deepen your experience of Holy Communion through this wide-ranging study of This Holy Mystery, Scripture, church history, and United Methodist theology and practice of the sacrament.

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