We’re hoping to resource church leaders the better than we have in the past and better than we’re doing now. For that reason, the video devotionals for the Desert Southwest Conference were pre recorded so that they can be available in advance for download. Go to https://dscumc.org/praying-way-forward to access the videos as they are finalized. Church leaders can use them at the church, embed them on the church website, publish them on the church Facebook page, or some other creative idea to ensure we are all praying for the work of the Commission on A Way Forward and the future of The United Methodist Church.

The videos will be published on the DSCUMC Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/dscumc Monday-Friday at noon. Feel free to share those posts via Facebook.

To help the Conference better resource you, the church leader, for future projects would you please give us your feedback about which resources you found most helpful and share your ideas for other resources? You can also say how you or your church is participating in Praying Our Way Forward so that we can better understand what types of prayer resources are useful. Thank you in advance for participating in this six-question survey!

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Author: DSC Communications

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