Holding Up Your Corner

by | Aug 22, 2017 | East District Newsletter, East District News Webpage

Talking about Race in Your Community

Lead your congregation to see and solve problems of race and justice in your community. This curriculum is for people and congregations who want to become better educated on issues around race relations.

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“All of us need to continue to expand our toolkit, we need to — in some cases, for those of us on the front lines doing the work — be reminded or reassured that the labor is not in vain. Others of us that have been on the fence and have been struggling, wishing to respond now have the encouragement and the empowerment of this resource to do so. And others who may not see the need or the use for such, hopefully will see what is not right in this world and can affirm even when not fully accepting. ​ In other words,​ Every issue is not our fault, but every issue of injustice, oppression, and indifference is our fight.”
– F. Willis Johnson

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Author: East District

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