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by | Sep 5, 2017 | West District Newsletter, West District Web Page

Dear Colleagues in Christ

My heart is breaking.

And heavy.

And convicted.

Looking at the photos and video from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey creates such a space for me.

And, I’m sure for you, as well.

As a United Methodist connection, we are already responding to the immense needs of the communities directly affected, and the Desert Southwest conference is collaborating with this response.

The West District is part of this collaborative effort, and part of this involves training for those who are called to be present on site to assist in the disaster recovery efforts.

A training for Early Response Teams (ERT’s) will be held at Lakeview United Methodist Church on Saturday, September 30 from 8 AM to 5 PM. This training is necessary for those seeking to be present on site in the devastated areas.

There are certainly many other ways to help, and I would encourage you to follow through with the ways you would seek to reach out to our friends in support.

I do want to encourage you to please consider participating in one of the ERT trainings offered by our Desert Southwest Conference Disaster Response Team. Click here to register or learn more about the ERT Trainings offered in the Desert Southwest Conference.

Judy and I just recently moved, I we can’t imagine losing everything.

Which is the reality for thousands of folks right now.

Please, as you see the photos and videos and hear the stories, and as your hearts are broken, heavy, and convicted, consider responding by participating in the training and being present on the ground.

We are in this together. May we live this truth as we seek to respond.

Thank you, and it is good to serve with each and every one of you.

God’s Grace and Peace to you,
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Author: Neil Leftwich

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