What do hurricane areas need?

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Currently, we have teams taking tools and life-sustaining elements and not much more for Hurrican Harvey relief. Our teams have to be self-contained because there are no open hotel rooms or unused structures at this time. Unfortunately, this means that people who really need things like prayer shawls and toys for the little ones will not have any storage (like dressers or closets) to store these wonderful gifts. Unasked for items taking up space in local warehouses in Conroe, TX (and others) have been donated to thrift stores and sometimes just thrown out to make room for the desperately needed health and safety kits.

While this is sad, I pray everyone has the patience to keep loving strong. It has been an overwhelming disaster and gratefully an overwhelming response. In a few more weeks of flood waters receding, there may be more structures available to protect things like prayer shawls until proper distribution. Until then, please do not send items that are not on the UMCOR lists. Watch the kit making video below, or visit http://www.umcor.org/UMCOR/Relief-Supplies/Relief-Supply-Kits/Cleaning to find out more about what to donate.

Fred Heggestad, Disaster Response Coordinator (fheggestad@msn.com)

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Author: DSC Communications

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