Be someone’s hero now in areas devastated by Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, and wild fires. Share this opportunity to offer compassion and hope with your friends, family, and congregation.

In the Desert Southwest Conference, ERTs have been deployed and additional people are getting trained as Early Response Teams. (Click here to find out about NEW training opportunities near you.) The DSC Disaster Response trailer is already in Texas. Tools and resources in that trailer are getting dangerously close to being depleted. Previous news has been published about what you and your church can do to be a part of the massive force of compassion that the hurricanes and fires are igniting in people all across the country.

Support ERTs – Give Now

Tell people to give to the designated fund for the Desert Southwest Conference Early Response Team so that the tool trailer can be replenished. If what you wish you could do is be there in the midst of the heartache and be the love of Jesus, get trained now or support others that can by funding scholarships for trained ERTs to travel to the disaster areas. To be someone’s hero by funding their trip, or funding tools and supplies for ERTs, click here to give online or mail your check payable to Desert Southwest Conference at 1550 E Meadowbrook Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85014 with ERT in the memo line. Click here to find other giving and action opportunities.

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Author: DSC Communications

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