This is an open invitation for all to get trained and sign up for one of the ERT deployments listed below. Open weeks will have some local church teams and teams from other Conferences that we work with. If the week works for you, contact the team leader listed below and sign up.

Sept 18-30 – Tom Mattick, or 702-806-4009
Sept 29-Oct 8 – Steve Meacham,
Oct 7-15 – Steve Meacham,
Oct 14-22 – Leader TBA
Oct 21-29 – Polly Turner,
Oct 28-Nov 5 – Judy Lewis (CalPac),
Nov 4-12 – James Wright,
Nov 11-19 – John Moore,

Chainsaw Teams are working in Rockport already and can train more ERT certified volunteers on-site to assist as Chainsaw Team-members. If you are ERT certified or are getting ERT certified soon and want to volunteer as a Chainsaw Team member, contact Jim Reeves at . Once you are ERT certified, you too can be chainsaw certified and serve in this capacity.

Register for ERT Training

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