Warehousing and Transport – Starting with Harvey Relief

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Disaster areas continue to increase around the world. Desert Southwest Conference churches are united in hope with their offerings of time, talent, and treasures. The generosity and compassion throughout the Conference have been a true display of loving like Jesus. So much so that coordinating donations is critical. Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding UMCOR kits and other non-monetary donations.

At this time, UMCOR can only accept items that are listed at http://www.umcor.org/UMCOR/Relief-Supplies/Relief-Supply-Kits/Cleaning.

Receiving Donations

Donations may come as packaged kits ready for shipment, assembled kits, materials needed to assemble kits, or funds. It is recommended that the funds be physically transferred directly to UMCOR to avoid extra paperwork by the church office. All materials should be stored in a secure location as it is received.

Processing Donations

Assemble per UMCOR guidelines as many complete kits as possible from the received materials. Pack completed kits with one kit type per box. Pack remaining materials in other boxes, one kit type per box. Since all shipments will be unpacked at the SLC warehouse the outside of the box need only list the contents. Complete inventory listing sheet and send to DSC UMCOR Kit Coordinator.

Transport Planning

The DSC UMCOR Kit Coordinator will schedule the DSC UMCOR pickup route. Small shipments will be combined into larger shipments to minimize the number of total pickups by UMCOR. District Coordinators will be given the desired combination of inventories to combine and will facilitate the combination. They will also assure that volunteers will meet and help load the truck or trailer. District Coordinators will send an inventory list of the combined shipment to Jerry van Rennes, the DSC UMCOR Kit Coordinator.

Pick up Day

UMCOR driver picks up items at planned stops and returns to the warehouse.

Storage and Deliveries

Specific churches or other locations may be chosen for central collection and storage of packed boxes. Preferred locations are Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Tucson, NW Valley, NE Valley, and SE Valley. Combination pickups can be arranged for Payson, Yuma, and other places as makes sense. It is up to the districts to decide which churches should be preferred location collection churches.

Each route will be optimized for minimal miles, a minimal number of stops, and full loads. (A full load will be approximately 3 pallets or 60 cubic feet.)

If the truck cannot be scheduled or there is a backlog, Jerry van Rennes, the DSC UMCOR Kit Coordinator, is authorized to act as a UMCOR agent to transport to the warehouse using similar transport equipment. There is no cost to DSC for the kit and material transport.

Be Advised

  • Anyone going to SLC is welcome to provide the transport but please advise the Jerry van Rennes, DSC UMCOR Kit Coordinator, (602-882-9761 or jerrywvr@gmail.com) of such plans.
  • Churches are welcome to send donations to the warehouse on their own at their own cost.
  • UMCOR teams dispatched to job sites are advised not to bring kits.


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Author: Christina Dillabough

Director of Communications for the Desert Southwest Conference.

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