Wesley Community Center Christmas Adoption Program

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Wesley Community & Health Centers (WCC) appreciates your caring support of their Christmas Adoption program with Christmas gifts for their participants. If you would like to participate in the 2017 program complete the donor form using the link below.

  • All family gifts must be delivered to Golden Gate Community Center site no later than Tuesday, December 15, 1625 N. 39th Ave. @ West McDowell Ave.
  • Gifts for the Senior Women and Sewing Class participants should be delivered to Wesley Community Center site, 1300 S. 10th St. (south of East Buckeye Rd) at the brown administration building.
  • All wrapped gifts (Male/Female/Age range noted on the package tags) may be delivered to either Golden Gate or Wesley Center.

Click here for the Christmas Donor Information Form. Complete the form and return to Betty Mathis, bmathis@wccphx.net or fax to 602-269-1234.

For more information contact Betty Mathis, bmathis@wccphx.net.

WCC continues to appreciate your involvement and leadership with their three community and two health center sites. Please do plan to visit when you have time….

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