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by | Oct 30, 2017 | North District Web Page, North District Newsletter

By Rev. Dan Morley

In our 2017 season of Annual Church Conferences, Phyllis Murray (our District Lay Leader) and I, have traveled many miles and spent time with many of our churches.  The conversations have been insightful, meaningful, rich, and challenging.

To spur on our time of conferencing-conversation, we have asked a couple of questions – What are the hopes for the ministry of our church?  Where/How is courage and God’s strength needed for our ministry? Through each conference, folks have creatively and thoughtfully shared their ideas and inspirations.

Here are a few. . .

Hope and Courage




We have miles to go and nearly half of our congregations yet to visit. We are looking forward to the continued conversation as we travel the circuit — on the road across our connection. 

In Christ’s Grace and Strength,



Your Missional Strategist & Superintendent


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