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by | Oct 31, 2017 | South District Webpage, South District Newsletter

Eloy has a dream. Ed Brown was appointed to First United Methodist Church Eloy in July 2016. His first service as pastor, the church gathered and they experienced a dream worship service. They talked about hopes and dreams for the church, and felt called to live out Matthew 25:35-40.

When I was hungry you gave me food.
The Lord’s Pantry food bank was already in place. Food is distributed on the 1st and 3rd Fridays each month. We get most of the food from United Food Bank in Mesa. We are grateful for their support and how they help many families in Eloy; however, the shelves are barren afterwards. We have nothing left to give emergency food boxes when needed. We teamed up with Soldiers of Faith who receive donations from other sources. Soldiers of Faith needed a place to store meat and we offered our freezers. We are now able to help families in immediate need.

We wanted to do more. We have added a community breakfast once a month, and a weekly PB&J sack lunch on Sundays. Our community breakfast began with 6 people and we now serve over 30 families. The youth in our church prepare 50 sack lunches per week.

When I was thirsty you game me something to drink.
We collect water and give a water bottle out with each sack lunch. Each month, we distribute up to 10 cases to the thirsty.

When I needed clothes, you clothed me.
We partnered with another Church in Eloy that has a clothing ministry. Together, our churches help keep the shelves stocked with clothing new and used. When I post about the ministry on Facebook, we receive donations to help stock the shelves. Our biggest need is shoes. We often get gift cards from Wal-Mart. If someone needs shoes and they are not available in the clothing ministry, we are able to go and purchase what is needed. For example, a veteran needed steel toes shoes for a new job. We bought the shoes at Wal-Mart.

The Hope Coalition
The Hope Coalition was formed in collaboration with four churches in Eloy, four ministries and the Eloy Veterans Center. Hope Coalition is dedicated to help end homeless in Eloy.  We met with the ministerial alliance and they donated the use of 1.5 acres of land to build Camp Hope and start Hope Village. Camp Hope is a tent city for transient homeless looking for respite up to 48 hours. Hope Village will be a transitional style of housing. We will use RV’s and trailers to house people while they go to work and to school. We partnered with Fish Tape Ministries to provide construction training classes. The average cost per student is $1,050. Scholarships are needed, as well as assistance  for repairing houses for those in need. Hope Coalition also partners with Sinner to Saints ministries to assist with the drug and alcohol problems that many in the program face.

FUMC Eloy still dreams of a ministry for those that are sick. Other than pastoral visits, we are not able to help meet the needs of the sick. We also dream of a prison ministry. Eloy has 4 private prisons, one of which is the largest in the nation.

If you would like to know more about any of the missions this courageous church is doing, please feel free to contact Pastor Ed Brown at ebrownecb1@gmail.com.

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