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by | Nov 6, 2017 | East District Newsletter

SMU Perkins School of Theology Course of Study School (COSS) Director’s Note:

During the 2017 Course of Study School this summer, I announced to the faculty and students that we would begin offering the summer Course of Study in 2018 in a hybrid format. With the exception of the two fifth-year courses in the second session, all courses will be offered with the first week spent on the Perkins campus and the following two weeks spent online for five hours per week.

I am committed to ensuring that the quality of our courses remain as high, or higher, as they always have been with the hybrid model. The COSS instructors are excited about the opportunities the hybrid model provides for teaching and learning.

Recognizing that this is a major change for both faculty and students (and staff!), we are fortunate to have the resources of Southern Methodist University available. Almost all Perkins COSS faculty are participating in SMU’s Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) online course on teaching online. This is the same course SMU faculty take to learn to teach online. Upon completion of the course, our COSS faculty will be certified online instructors. Those faculty who cannot participate in the CTE due to lack of space in the course or timing will receive other forms of training for their hybrid course.

Following the completion of the online course on teaching online, COSS faculty will continue working with Dr. Adeline (Addy) Tolliver to design their courses in the hybrid format. The profile below of Dr. Tolliver highlights her expertise in the area of online learning and instructional course design.

For more information on Perkins 2018 Course of Study School, please go to: http://www.smu.edu/Perkins/PublicPrograms/COSS

Paul Barton
Director, Perkins Regional Course of Study School




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