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Potosi Pines Campers

Do you get frustrated with giving gifts to the children in your life that quickly get ignored or forgotten?  Are you looking to give a gift that they will never forget?  Wouldn’t you love to give them a gift that could help them improve their self-esteem, develop leadership skills, grow in their faith and help them to make friendships that could last a lifetime?  Seem too good to be true?  It’s NOT!  Give the gift of camp!

Potosi Pines camp is in the business of growing your kids in meaningful and important ways that can impact all that they do in life.  All of our programs here at Postosi focus on 4 goals.

  • We will work to ensure campers have fun, feel comfortable being who God created them to be and encouraged to try something new.
  • We will work to build confidence and leadership skills in all who participate in our programs.
  • We will work to create a Christian community where all feel loved by God and safe.
  • We will work to build an appreciation of God’s creation and encourage all to be active in its care.

The camp is not only fun and exciting, it is great for kids and their future.  Studies show that kids who participate in camp are more independent, have strong self-esteem, and are more resilient.  We take pride in helping your kids grow and learn in fun and creative ways.  Consider giving the gift of camp this year- it’s one they will always remember!

2018 Winter camps
Jr/Sr. High- January 13-15.  Theme- “Love>Fear” with 1 John 4:18 as a scripture focus
Elementary- Feburary17-19.  Theme- “Happy Camp” with 2 Corinthians 9:7b as a scripture focus

2018 Summer Camp
June 4-8- Elementary 1
June 11-15- Sr. High Adventure and Jr. High classic
June 21-23- Younger Elementary
June 25-29- Jr. High Adventure and Sr. High classic
July 30- Aug 3- Elementary 2

For registration, grade level requirements, prices, and other details please go to dsccamps.org
If you have other questions please email or call Potosi Director Tracey Brown potosipines@gmail.com or office 702 875 198

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