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by | Nov 14, 2017 | South District Webpage, South District Newsletter

Catalina United Methodist Church has been ministering in the heart of Tucson for 95 years.

Catalina is well-known for its Sunday night forums that occurred over 50 years.  These forums quickly outgrew the church facility and were moved to the University of Arizona, as it could accommodate 50,000 attenders each season.   Some of the speakers of this forum include: Martin Luther King, Jr., Senator (and later President) Kennedy, Walter Cronkite, Pastor Martin Niemoeller, Ronald Reagan, Dr. Margaret Mead, and Jackie Robinson.  These forums covered a variety of topics, including overcoming racism, foreign affairs and international relations, and scientific discoveries.  Catalina continues this tradition by showing videos and holding forums regarding important social justice issues, including climate change and LGBTQ issues.

Catalina remains a vibrant congregation.  Catalina has three worship services each Sunday.  There is an intimate service in the chapel at 8, a contemporary service in the Fellowship Hall at 9, and a traditional service at 11 in the sanctuary.  Children make up about 25% of the total attendance in the 9 o’clock service.  Catalina is a place where all are welcome.  If you are in the area, feel free to join us!

The members of the congregation reach out to the community in many meaningful ways.  Our Organ Festivals share the love of music with the community.  World-renown organists are invited to perform.  Our day school provides quality care and education to 80 children.  The Foundation provides scholarships to ministerial candidates to assist with the cost of seminary.  Catalina has a partnership with two local schools.  Members provide school supplies, food support, reading tutoring, and other physical items as requested.  Members of the church also serve meals at Casa Maria and the Ronald McDonald House.  Likewise, at Christmas, the congregation sponsors 75 children through the Angel Tree Program.   All of these programs are led by members of the congregation.

Here’s to another 95 years!

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