Workers raising walls of a house build

Remember that old gospel song, “There’s Room on the Roof for You?”

Well, maybe that wasn’t the wording, but the message is correct.

YOU AND YOUR CONGREGATION are invited to join the Mighty Methodist Coalition as we plan for our 2018 Habitat for Humanity build. The Coalition comprises some 20+ congregations who fund and share construction days to build a home for a qualifying family.

Builds generally last 24** weeks, with 20 or so volunteers on each Saturday morning. Beginning with wall raising on Week 1, proceeding through installing trusses, stairs, and decking, framing walls, installing drywall, doors and trim, painting, and finishing with landscaping, the build proceeds quickly.

Most church groups select 3 or 4 build days to work and send between 3 and 8 volunteers. (A full day’s crew is 20 volunteers, more or less.) Habitat staff is always present and no one is ever allowed to perform work which requires technical building experience or which is dangerous. Some people work on the roof and lots of people don’t. The minimum age to be on a worksite is 16 and volunteers must be 18 years old to work on scaffolds or to operate power tools.

Most Coalition member churches pledge between $500 and $5000 for a build. Some churches pledge $50. The total cost to build a house is currently $120,000, and the Mighty Methodist Coalition has pledged to fund 3/4 of the 2018 house. The proportion of the total cost determines the number of build days allocated to the Coalition.

Some congregations include a contribution to Habitat in their budget; other churches do a fundraising campaign. Some churches promote the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, which allows a full credit of up to $800 for a joint return ($400 for an individual return).

Habitat for Humanity recipients must be legal residents of the U.S., must be employed, must complete a financial management course, and must donate 200 hours on their own and other homes. Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona builds throughout the Phoenix area. The 2018 house will be in Tempe. Previous houses have been in north and south Phoenix, in west Phoenix, and in the northwest valley.

If you are interested in joining the Mighty Methodist Coalition, contact Charlie Schock, schockckkd@aol.com. It’s not too late to join the 2018 Habitat for Humanity Build.

** corrected 11/16/2017

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Author: East District

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