FREE Webinar: Help – The Neighborhood has Changed Around My Church!

by | Nov 21, 2017 | East District Newsletter, East District News Webpage

Churches used to be inseparable from neighborhoods.
But today, the entire concept of a neighborhood has shifted. What should churches do?

Churches today need fresh approaches for…
… starting churches in both neighborhoods or networks
… embracing the strengths of both attractional and missional models
… innovative pastoral leadership that still honors tradition
… reaching new, diverse and younger populations.

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“Help – The Neighborhood has Changed Around My Church!”

Featuring Ken Carter and Audrey Warren
November 28, 2017

You will learn:

  • How leaders can match their passions with the hidden “third places” around them.
  • What discipleship and spiritual formation look like in the Fresh Expressions movement.
  • How to resource and sustain new forms of church, and why it takes a village.
  • How to reach people where they are and not where we wish they were.


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Author: East District

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