We live in a digital world, immersed in digital spaces, using digital tools. The church has been slow to respond to this new reality but is poised for a Digital Reformation.

The Digital Ministry class at Wartburg College is a comprehensive look at how Technology is changing the church, and how we can forge a new ecclesiology using these tools. We’ll move from the theological – to the practical – to the experimental, leveraging the techniques pioneered by internet startups to manage the risk of these uncertain times.

Here’s what you can expect from the class:

  1. 25 One-Hour Class Sessions in the “Ted Talk” style with breaks for discussion, reflection, and exercises.
  2. Sessions can be experienced live or on your own schedule.
  3. 60 Different Topics, Ranging from Facebook Live to lessons from Martin Luther’s use of the Printing Press.
  4. Weekly live praxis discussions where we apply what we’re studying to your own ministry context.
  5. The $615 expense will count towards continuing education credit for most denominations.

This class is taught by Rev. Wil Ranney, an Ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church who specializes in Digital Ministry. Wil has been a pioneer in this field for nearly 15 years, staying on the cutting edge.

If you are interested in learning how technology can be leveraged for ministry, to the glory of God, this class is for you.

Registration closes on January 3. Limited slots available. Visit http://www.wartburg.edu/digital-ministry and scroll down until you find the interest form to register.



About Wartburg College: http://www.wartburg.edu

Rev. Wil Ranney led the Website Bootcamp in the Desert Southwest Conference in January 2017 and is the website developer that built this website! Find out more about Wil at www.urloved.com/wilranney.

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