What if this Christmas we stopped the battle over saying “Merry Christmas” and actually faced what it means? Join three powerful and faithful young women as they share how Mary’s journey intersects with their own (videos in both English and Spanish versions).

Over the four weeks leading up to Christmas, we will be sharing a new story each week to help us consider the real conditions that Mary and Joseph faced as they awaited the birth of Christ. Beginning with the Magnificat the first week, the journey continues the second week with a reflection on what it truly feels like to be summoned to be counted. The third week we will hear what it feels like to be told there is no room for you, and the fourth week will conclude with a reflection on Mary and Joseph’s flight across the border to Egypt. Each week there will be two videos, one in English and one in Spanish so that people can hear the message in their own heart’s language. This year, let’s peel away the wrapping and really take a good hard look at where we fit in this story, and where we want to stand. This year, let’s be brave enough to find ourselves Facing Christmas. Won’t you join us?

Facing Christmas Week 1: The Magnificat/Canto de Maria

Facing Christmas Week 2: Counted/Contado

Week 3 & 4 coming soon! No Room and Flight

Editor’s Note:
Advent video resources created by Hannah Bonner and the students of the University of Arizona’s Wesley Campus Ministry, Frontera Wesley.

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Author: DSC Communications

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