Fresh Expressions US  National Gathering 2018
Steeply to Street
March 15-17, 2018

For many Christmas has come and gone. But there’s still one really great chance to “give the gift that keeps on giving.”

So accept our apology. But…

Just because we’ve heard it too much doesn’t mean it can’t be true, especially when it comes to leadership for fresh expressions of church (great article).

That’s because the generative nature of incarnational leadership in a faith community necessarily works itself outward, or streetward, out away from under the steeple.

That’s why giving the gift of incarnational leadership training is necessarily a gift that can’t help but give again in the form of engagement with your church’s mission landscape.

Save big on the incarnational leadership training to happen March 16-17 at National Gathering 2018. Let’s become leaders who go to the mission edges and gift our neighbors with new forms of Church.

Prices go up in January—so don’t wait.

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Author: East District

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