It’s a New Year

There are so many resolutions and goals we make for the start of a new year. These spoken and unspoken resolutions are often around topics like fitness, eliminate that bulge, organize the garage/closet, quit smoking, or get out of debt. I encourage us to put relationships at the top of the list.

Let’s make a goal to adopt some best practices to strengthen friend and family relationships!

How well did you navigate through those challenging conversations with family and friends when making holiday plans or when gathering around the table this past Thanksgiving and Christmas? Have you ever wanted a way to have healthier and more respectful conversations on touchy or passionate topics?  Here is a resource for your home and church families — it is called Courageous Conversations.

It is about being in God’s grace in all relationships. Courageous Conversations helps us all to stay in a life-giving relationship with one another.  When the tension, anxiety, and fear builds, we have all found ourselves responding in one of these ways — Freeze, Fight, or Flee. What if we learned ways to respond which actually bring us closer together rather than further apart?

Give it a try —  There is great information in the Courageous Conversations booklet (CLICK HERE) and the many online resources (CLICK HERE) from United Methodist Discipleship. A self-study can guide you in strengthening all conversations. A group-study can be a way any group can become more honest, meaningful, and respectful.

We can all learn better practices for healthy conversations.  It can be an excellent way to Transform the world through Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,



The Vision of The Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church:

God has called us to be a Courageous Church:

Loving Like Jesus  –  Acting for Justice  –  United in Hope

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