Vitality in Congregations with Average Age of 60+

by | Jan 16, 2018 | North District Web Page, North District Newsletter

In the workshop, Vitality in Congregations with Average Age of 60+,  presented at the North District Leadership Training Conference, February 3, 2018, Rev. Rick Casebolt will guide you through the nuances of unearthing vitality in your church:

Vitality flows from the connection—a sense of belonging that goes beyond welcoming. It means feeling that you are necessary to the well-being of the whole. Therefore we will look at new ways to promote connection in every aspect of church life where new energy is needed. I will share some ideas that have worked for Mesquite UMC in the areas of worship, community outreach, mission, and congregational care. We will look at how transforming our sense of connection transforms lives, congregations, communities and the world. The workshop will ask several questions for discussion regarding your personal experience of congregational connection.

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Author: North District

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