UMCOR Relief Kit Preparation

by | Jan 23, 2018 | East District News Webpage, East District Newsletter

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UMCOR disaster relief warehouses regularly provide clean up kits, school kits, and hygiene kits to disaster response operations. To maintain stock levels at the Salt Lake City UMCOR warehouse volunteers may travel to the warehouse to assemble kits, or churches and other groups may assemble kits for the warehouse to pick up. The UMCOR call for support last fall met immediate needs and we thank the Conference for the great response! Currently, the SLC warehouse is in need of more hygiene kits.

Any party who would like to support disaster relief efforts through the UMCOR warehouse are asked to consider kit preparation. UMCOR representatives can come to your church or group to demonstrate the kit assembly process, provide support during kit assembly, and pick up the completed kits. Groups should consider doing only one kit type at a time, preferably the kit which is most needed. Donors are welcome to follow the UMCOR website directions, or use this alternative which eliminates packing and shipping costs to the donor.

UMCOR Relief Kit link: http://www.umcor.org/UMCOR/Relief-Supplies
Call Jerry van Rennes, 602-882-9761, for further information or to arrange a demonstration.

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