By Beth Rambikur, Director of Connectional Ministries

Countdown to Annual Conference is on! In 134 days delegates from across our Conference will gather to celebrate our work together as a Courageous Church: Loving Like Jesus, Acting for Justice, United in Hope as the people of the Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church. Annual Conference 2018 will be June 14th – 17th at the Glendale Renaissance Hotel. In preparation for this celebration and work together we ask for your prayers. Prayers for our pastors as they prepare us for this work together. Prayers for our lay delegates and the communities of faith who send them. Prayers for our churches who courageously engage in the ministry of Jesus Christ every day. Prayers for our District Superintendents, district, and Conference staff. Prayers for our Bishop Bob as he continuously leads us as disciples of Jesus Christ. Prayers for our global connection as we wrestle with what it means to be United Methodist. Imagine what 134 days of prayer might do as we prepare for Annual Conference.

Ensure your church lay members to Annual Conference receive the information they need to fully participate. Direct them to https://dscumc.org/subscribe and ask them to fill out the simple newsletter subscription form selecting their own district.

February 28

  • Hotel Information for Annual Conference (AC) released and reservations for hotel rooms available.
  • Day of Learning information released.
  • Election process information for 2020 General and Jurisdictional released.
  • DUE: All petitions from local churches and individuals to DSC committees or agencies to bring matters (resolutions) before the AC.
  • DUE: All proposed rule changes from Conference boards and agencies to Conference Secretary.
  • DUE: Certification of Lay Member forms.

March 7

  • Conference-wide webinar on the election process for clergy and lay delegates, times TBD.

April 30

  • Registration for Annual Conference opens with all sign-ups for events, lunches, childcare, etc.
  • DUE: All resolutions from boards, commissions, agencies, or five members of the Annual Conference acting together.
  • DUE: Reports from Conference boards and agencies.
  • DUE: All materials to be published in the Preconference reports.
  • DUE: Conference Leadership Covenant and all nomination forms.

May 30

  • DUE: PowerPoint presentations by presenters due to the Communications Department.
  • DUE: Registration, lunch sign-ups, mission sign-ups, child-care sign-ups, etc.

In the coming weeks, additional information about Preconference briefings, our time together at Annual Conference, and other valuable information will continue to be updated. One thing will not change, our need to be in prayer for each other as we prepare for this annual gathering, so let us lift up our hearts in prayer.

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Author: DSC Communications

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