Churches in the Desert Southwest Conference have an impressive record of annual trips to serve partners in many places – Kenya, Ethiopia, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, and others. Ask your church mission leaders to consider directing this year’s mission efforts to Disaster Recovery.

Volunteers in Mission Needed Now

Detailed information on ways to respond now is available at:

Coming Up Service Opportunities

Detailed information about upcoming response needs is available below. As soon as teams are requested, a newsletter will be sent out and information will be posted at http://umvimwj.com:

  • California – Ventura County and Santa Barbara are not yet ready for rebuild teams but will be in the next few months.
  • Wild Fires and Flooding Devastates Southern California

    December 2017 brought many disasters to Southern California. After numerous wildfires destroyed acres of grass and forest land as well as many houses, rain caused several mudslides killing 20+ people. The damage is estimated to be in the billions. The California/Pacific Annual Conference Disaster Response Taskforce with assistance from UMCOR is working with several community emergency management agencies and VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters) organizations to provide assistance to the victims. The first Early Response Teams are starting to be deployed to assess the needs for further teams. More information will be sent out as soon as plans are finalized.
  • Northern California – After their October wildfires, long-term recovery organizations are meeting with the California Nevada Conference and volunteers will be needed as early as this spring.


Contact Mike or Lorraine Eyer via email at clnmwe@gmail.com to learn more about UMVIM and don’t forget to send them your church’s mission trip information for 2017 and 2018. Here’s what they need:

  1. Dates
  2. Destination
  3. Type of work
  4. Number of adults
  5. Number of youth
  6. Financial assistance provided
  7. Contact person and e-mail
  8. Participant restrictions (i.e., youth, children, families)

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