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by | Feb 6, 2018 | West District Newsletter, West District Web Page

Dear sisters and brothers,

Walking through the airport recently, my attention was drawn to those children of God who were responsible for doing the jobs which were deemed unpleasant, including cleaning the restrooms and picking up the trash others left. It was if they were invisible, unnoticed, and unseen by everyone.

When a simple “thank you” is offered, they seem startled that anyone would notice much less speak a word of kindness.

Friends, I know that each of you are opening yourselves to be channels of God’s hope and healing in your ministry setting, and your faith-filled, tireless work is appreciated.

I wonder about the holy spaces we travel through, distracted by the burden of ministry, and miss the opening to be refreshed by God to use all that God has provided to live as Kingdom people.

Please receive the following:

“Think of your hand. It can make a fist or it can extend in peace. It can wield a weapon or it can play a violin. It can point in derision or it can reach out in compassion. It can steal or it can serve. If the first creation story is about the gift of being human, the second story is about the choice all humans live with, day after day. To be alive means to bear responsibly the image of God. It means to stretch out your hand to take from the Tree of Aliveness—and to join in God’s creative, healing work.” — Brian McLaren, We Make the Road by Walking

Our District Day of Learning next Saturday, February 17 affords us all the opportunity to become more fully alive (as we participate in the workshops and are fed by the excellent presenters); learn more about our connection (exploring the tables at the Mission Fair); and be encouraged (when we gather as the Body of Christ). Click Here to register.

There may not be a workshop which addresses a specific need in your ministry setting, or there may not be a workshop which addresses a particular personal growing edge. It is, however, a time where we can expand our awareness to noticing God at work in surprising ways.

I invite you to consider this a holy time together where we are open to God doing a new thing and nourishing us as we companion together for the journey ahead.

Thank you for noticing the “invisible” children of God.

Thank you for using your hands (and feet, and mind, and gifts, and talents, and vulnerability), “….to join in God’s creative, healing work.”

Thankful to be with you on this journey.

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Author: Neil Leftwich

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