For the last 3 years, UMVIM Coordinators for Desert Southwest Conference have slowly learned that many Desert Southwest Conference congregations conduct and participate in many mission trips. Trips go from DSC churches almost every year to Nicaragua, Kenya, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala. Other groups go to eastern Europe, South Africa, Peru, El Salvador. Then there’s California, Colorado, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas.  Youth groups go to many places and serve in many ways.

In the past year, Early Response Team trips have served in Louisiana, Texas, California, and Colorado.  After last year’s devastating hurricanes – Harvey followed by Irma followed by Maria – and fires in California, there are needs and opportunities to help rebuild homes (and churches) in many locations.  We might say, “The fields are (fill in the blank – burned, water soaked, destroyed, devastated) and the laborers are few.”

Service and mission-passionate people in your congregations have an opportunity to participate in UMVIM (United Methodist Volunteers in Mission) Team Leader Training workshops across the Conference.  These sessions are not only important and useful for individuals who have an interest in leading trips, they also are beneficial and enjoyable for individuals who love missions and want to hear and learn more.

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Author: District Office

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