Last week marked the beginning of Lent with Ash Wednesday. Rev. Bob Holliday, pastor of Epworth UMC in Phoenix, was interviewed on Fox News 10’s during their “Ashes-to-Go” event.  Click here to download the interview.

They had over 250 people come through the parking lot and half of the attendees for worship that night were guests from Ashes-to-Go. There were a number of incredible stories from that day like the garbage collector who stopped his truck while collecting trash, ran across the street for ashes back to his truck to continue on, the city Metro Transit Bus that stopped at the curb so the bus driver could receive his ashes while all the passengers sat in the back watching, and people who were hurting and had tears in their eyes as they talked and prayed in the rain.

Check out the link below that shows one of the drive-throughs during Ashes-to-Go…

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Author: East District

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