Last year, Boulder City UMC sent a group of ten people to Baton Rouge, LA to participate in a rebuilding project that resulted from severe flooding in that area. That rebuild endeavor was a joint project of UMCOR and Habitat for Humanity.  Like many churches in the Desert Southwest Conference, Boulder City UMC is campaigning within the church to continue supporting UMCOR by taking a special offering on March 11th, UMCOR Sunday.

This special offering was once called “One Great Hour of Sharing,” but now has been renamed UMCOR Sunday and is one of six churchwide offerings of the United Methodist Church. UMCOR Sunday is celebrated every year on the 4th Sunday of Lent.

So let’s pull together and share the goodness of our lives with those whose lives are hurting. Your offering on March 11 will make a difference.  Give through your United Methodist Church and designate your offering for UMCOR. The following video link will give you more information about UMCOR and its work:


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