Joel Riley & Betty Brewer-Senior Handyman Ministry DSUMC

Photo: Joel Riley and Betty Brewer Desert Spring UMC Senior Handyman Project Managers
Article by Betty Brewer

All of us have wished that a handyman lived in our houses to take care of the odd jobs that we are not able to do any longer.  However, most of us are not that lucky.  What should our seniors do?  We decided as seniors to put our heads together and created a Handyman Project.  The project consists of a group of members, who are dedicated to performing handyman services such as: replacing light bulbs, smoke alarm batteries, furnace filters, and other common household needs. After many planning meetings and a long list of things to do, we began our successful ministry in May 2017.

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Bridging the digital divide: Connect seniors to technology
by Tricia Brown

Many older adults are still skeptical about the practical applications or benefits of technology. Some may need assistance to learn how to use digital devices and access Internet resources. According to data by the Pew Research Centerapproximately 40 percent of all adults age 65 and older do not access the Internet at all. More than half do not have broadband access at home.

How can churches help older adults take advantage of the wonderful world of cyberspace?  To read more, click here.

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