Special Event: “We Refuse to be Enemies”

by | Mar 12, 2018 | South District Newsletter, South District Webpage

The YWCA in Tucson is hosting a very special Event: “We Refuse to be Enemies” presented by Mr. Daoud Nassar from The Tent of Nations.

On Thursday, March 15th at 5:30 pm, The YWCA will host a very special guest: Mr. Daoud Nassar, one of the brothers whose family owns and operates The Tent of Nations, an educational and environmentally conscious farm located in the West Bank of Israel.

The Tent of Nations, is a 100 acre farm located 6 kilometers from Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, and is surrounded on three sides by Israeli Settlements. The Nassar family has owned and operated the farm since 1916…over 100 years. And yet, the family has been involved in a legal battle since 1991 when the farm was classified as “Israeli State Land” and thus threatened with confiscation. Their goal is simply to retain what they believe rightfully belongs to their family, and they are working toward that goal in a peaceful and diplomatic manner.

As an Ambassador of good will, Mr. Nassar travels to the United States and speaks at various venues under the sponsorship of an organization called Friends of Tent of Nations North America (fotonna.org). He shares the story of his family’s commitment to living a life of non-violent resistance, and refusing to be enemies in the face of continuing obstacles that they, and most Palestinians, face in their search for a normal life. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in biblical Studies from the Bethlehem Bible College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the Bethlehem University, and a degree in Tourism Management from Bielefeld University in Germany. He also speaks and understands several languages, including Arabic, German, Hebrew, and English.

Mr. Nassar will be speaking at YWCA, located at  525 N. Bonita Ave., Tucson AZ.

This event is free and open to the public. Suggested donation is $5.00. For more information, send an email to SoAZBDS@gmail.com.

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