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by | Mar 24, 2018 | Training, Archives and History

More about preserving church records

Our churches create a vast amount of records. Which of these records do we need to save? Ideally, we should save everything that helps tell the history, the story, of our church. In order to accomplish this we do something called Records Management. This is understanding what records need to end up in the church archives and which records are destined for the shredder. The General Commission on Archives and History published a free Guidelines for Managing Records of the Annual Conference and the Local Church which gives example of what records need to be kept. At the end of the Guidelines is a Records Schedule for Local Churches detailing what records need and need not be kept.

Permanent records to be retained by the church

Administrative Reports Annual Fiscal Reports Architectural Drawings, Blueprints, and Maps Audit Reports Benefits Policies and Procedures Records Budget Records Bulletins Bylaws (all versions) Committee Records Select Correspondence Deeds Directories Employment Policies and Procedures Records Insurance Policies Membership Records Newsletters Property Files Real Estate Surveys Staff Meeting Records Tax-Exempt Certificates


Churches can take a few simple steps to ensure that their records survive for future generations.

The Storage Room: The church archives should be located in a space that is air conditioned and/or heated year-round, and that receives little to no sunlight. Ideally, an interior closet, room, or storage case(s) are good. Your records want to be kept in the same environment that you do!



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