Proms, senior trips, graduations are the excitement of the season when graduates, loved ones and friends celebrate the milestone. This is also the time to lay the groundwork so that our youth maintain the connection to ministry.

The United Methodist Church has a system in place to help keep that connection strong.  According to the Book of Discipline, an ‘annual report of full and preparatory members attending colleges and Universities’ must be completed each year.

Paragraph 232 ‑  page 164 of the 2016 Book of Discipline states:

“Annual report of Full and Preparatory Members Attending Colleges and Universities — The pastor shall report annually the names and contact information for professing and baptized members attending colleges and universities to the District Superintendent, the Chairperson of the Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry by one month before the start of the school terms and to the Charge Conference.  The Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry has the responsibility to share the information with the appropriate United Methodist-related campus ministries.”

Pastors and church offices will receive a form to list high school graduating seniors who will attend colleges and universities, as well as any students currently attending colleges and universities, who are professing and baptized members of your church.  Please complete and send to the North District Office.

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Author: North District

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