By J.P. Smith, Earth Care Task Force Member

No… observing this annual date (always on April 22nd), is much more than planting trees. It represents a future for all generations and brings focus to keep the environment healthy and sustainable.

It was first organized in 1970 after a massive oil spill disaster near Santa Barbara, CA. The response triggered the creation of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and enabled passage of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, plus the Endangered Species Act. WOW! (1)

Saturday and Sunday (April 21 & 22), will be the 47th Earth Day event marked worldwide by more than 1 billion people, making it the largest civic observance in the world. These Earth Day people around the world are working together on: the Climate Crisis caused by our use of fossil fuels; reducing Deforestation which is shrinking water supplies and driving people off their land. South America has lost 70% of forests due to cattle farming; the World Health Organization reports that 9 out of 10 people live with excessive pollution. (2)

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day in 2020, the Network is launching ambitious goals to drive the future of environmentalism in the 21st century and beyond. (3)

It is very exciting to connect efforts of Global Ministries EarthKeepers to this global event. Aren’t we all working toward a common goal… creation care? (4)


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Author: DSC Communications

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