Did you know that the Annual Conference Ministry Fair will be different this year? It’s true! The Ministry Fair is called Ministry Mingle and is happening during the plenary session in the Imaginarium where the Annual Conference business takes place.

Why have we changed the ministry fair?

This new format will allow participants in Annual Conference 2018 to participate with the material on your posters all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

What is the ministry mingle?

While people can interact with your ministry poster throughout Annual Conference, on Saturday the 16th there will be a designated period of time when we invite participants to “mingle” with those who have brought a poster and get inspired by these ministry ideas.

What should my poster look like?

  1. Not larger than 26 inches wide, and 45 inches tall!
  2. Each should reflect the very best of what your ministry has to offer our United Methodist Connection in the Desert Southwest Conference.
  3. Each should teach about one ministry or one effort that others can join in with or replicate in their own area, this can be a unique ministry or the very best ministry your group does.
  4. Each should tie us into the bigger story of how “God is calling you to be a courageous church, loving like Jesus, acting for justice, united in hope.”

Can I hand out flyers or cards?

We encourage you to incorporate handouts, flyers, and cards into your poster but nothing will be allowed to be on the floor around your poster and tables will not fit in the space we have.

Can I hand out candy or food item?

No, due to hotel restrictions, outside food is not permitted in the conference meeting space.

Will electricity be available?

There will not be access to electrical outlets. Battery powered lights are welcome!

How do I sign up to bring a poster?

Click here to go to the online sign-up form. Contact Lori Davalos in the Connectional Ministries department at ldavalos@dscumc.org if you have questions about the Ministry Mingle poster.

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Author: Connectional Ministries

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