As the Arizona sunset streamed through glass panes onto the stacked stone prayer wall, the senior pastor stood on the adjacent sandstone chancel area and welcomed the congregation on an unusually brisk Sunday evening. The evening continued in the sanctuary with the adult choir leading the attendees in singing hymns of gratitude. This inspirational celebration occurred on January 18, 2018 at North Scottsdale United Methodist Church (NSUMC). It was the 40th anniversary of their charter member’s vision.

On that evening, the congregation celebrated four decades of service and ministry. That celebration was led by their senior pastor, the Rev. Nancy Cushman. She highlighted the amazing humble pastors that propelled NSUMC to this moment. Many of the previous pastors (both senior and associate) honored the congregation with their attendance on that night. The Rev. Susan Brims, district superintendent, graciously attended to help honor their rich history. During the presentation the Rev. Cushman also spoke about the many ways that NSUMC has extended the love of Christ to its members, in their ministries and through their mission work. The special evening continued with a video of NSUMC’s history and a hosted dinner for over 200 people.

North Scottsdale UMC members at the mortgage burning

A short three months later, NSUMC enjoyed another amazing celebration. This time it was “Freedom at 40!” During their 40th year of charter membership within the Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Churc, NSUMC no longer has a mortgage. In 2003 then senior pastor, Rev. David McPherson had a vision to build a new sanctuary to accommodate the growing congregation. The Sanctuary Committee was born in 2004. To celebrate their freedom from debit they hosted a Mortgage Burning Dedication following their 10:00 AM service on April 29, 2018. The entire congregation and guests traveled from the sanctuary to the front patio and joined current Senior Pastor, the Rev. Nancy Cushman, outside as she symbolically burned the mortgage!

NSUMC is grateful to their members for their 40-year history of extravagant generosity, dedication and tithing. They are also thankful for the blessings that this campus and its members have and will continue to offer its members, the greater community and people throughout the world. This is genuinely generous stewardship at its finest!
“PAID in FULL” has a whole new meaning for NSUMC! As they continue fulfill the vision on the Desert Southwest Conference to be a courageous church; loving like Jesus, acting for justice, united in hope.

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Author: East District

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