Kairos Outside is a ministry designed to demonstrate God’s grace and love through Christian support for women who have been impacted by incarceration. Spouses, parents, relatives, and friends of the incarcerated “do time” right along with their loved ones. This program provides a 2 ½ day Christian weekend with ongoing support through the Kairos Outside community to support these women. Women who were previously incarcerated but were unable to attend a Kairos Inside program are also able to attend.

Kairos Outside has three communities in Arizona: Phoenix, Tucson, and Northern Arizona. Each community hosts two Christian weekends during the year, creating a constant need for volunteers and financial support. Team volunteers are required to receive 36 hours of training through the team formation process. New volunteers are always in demand and welcomed into the Kairos Outside community. Each weekend costs approximately $3,500-$7,000 at no cost to our guests. Fundraising is key to this ministry. Fundraising efforts include team fees, financial support from partnering churches, and various fundraising opportunities throughout the year.

Kairos Outside is seeking the support of your church. Here are some ways your church can serve in the Kairos Outside program:

  1. Share the ministry with your congregation. Invite our Advisory Council to present the ministry to a women’s group, a Mission/Outreach committee, or to your congregation as a whole. We have speakers who can share their experience, PowerPoint and video presentations, brochures for distribution, and opportunities to serve God in very impactful ways.
  2. Donate to the ministry. After sharing the ministry with your church, ask members to contribute to the Kairos Outside community to offset expenses for the weekend by sponsoring a guest or helping to provide funds for special gifts of love on the weekend. Some churches have adopted Kairos Outside as their mission project during Advent/Lenten seasons, raising over $2,500.
  3. Join or support a team. Encourage congregation members to become a Kairos Outside volunteer and serve on a weekend. Volunteers are also needed for transportation and help behind the scenes.
  4. Support our guests on a weekend. There are two opportunities for the church community to support Kairos Outside guests during the weekend: Walk in Love (a candlelight vigil) and Closing (guest testimonies). Contact your local Advisory Council for more details.
  5. PRAY! Each weekend is lifted on a sea of prayers for our guests, team, and the incarcerated loved ones. Every weekend has a prayer vigil in which church members may sign up for a commitment to pray throughout the weekend. Add Kairos Outside to your church prayer lists, especially during guest weekend dates.

For more information about Kairos Outside Phoenix, please contact us at (480)-788-1708, or web@kairosoutsidephoenix.com.

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Author: East District

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