By Phyllis Murray & Kathy Morrow Way

What is your definition of tolerance?
What does the Bible say about tolerance?
Where have you been on your tolerance journey?
Where are you now?
Where do you think God wants you to be?
How do you get there?

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The following link will bring you to a litany published by Spirituality Practice and is titled, A Litany of Unity and Hopehttp://www.spiritualityandpractice.com/practices/literacy-world-features/view/15812/a-litany-of-unity-and-hope


God of us all,

Jesus taught us to pray that you would lovingly bear with us, and generously tolerate us as we tolerate others also with gentle hearts. We know too well that you sometimes disagree with, disapprove of, and are sorrowed by our words, actions and thoughts, but you are steadfast in your love for us.  And we know that we are made in your image, and so are capable of this same steadfastness. We also are aware that even being made in your image, it will take our whole selves to reflect your love to others, so we humbly pray:

Awaken our minds, Lord, that we may be aware of the vastness of our world, the diversity of its people, and the scope of thought that is a part of the many cultures we may engage. Open our hearts, Lord, to all your children, and allow us to see the magnificence of the human tapestry you have created. Lighten our spirits, Father Mother God, that we may trust – that if we love as you love, the differences will melt away and you will bring us all at last unto yourself. Bring sharp focus to our eyes, that we might see you in every person. Attune our ears that we may hear the sighs of your people and understand our mutual desire for justice and love. Encourage our lips to speak words of encouragement and hope. And strengthen our arms, our hands and our feet that we may put action to our faith and serve you in all that we do.

Lord, let us begin to be all that you need at this time and in this place to spread your love throughout the earth.


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