Creating a Culture of Relationships that Matter

by | Jul 6, 2018 | East District Newsletter, North District Newsletter, West District Newsletter

The CONNECT! resource will equip your congregation to build relationships in their neighborhoods and communities that invite people to experience the love of Jesus through relationships that matter!

In Connect!, Dr. Phil Maynard helps disciples and congregations live into their calling to “Go, therefore, and make disciples.” They learn how to be (real) friends, love their neighbors, utilize their networks, engage their communities, and build links with others through service.

This resource helps churches build an intentional process for people to engage as they grow from initial commitment to authentic discipleship, understanding more deeply the lifestyle of mature followers of Jesus Christ.

Ready to CONNECT!
Order your copy of Connect! today. Start a conversation in your church. Begin to engage your community more authentically. Help people discover the love of Jesus for them.

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Author: East District

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