By Mike Eyer

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission Coordinators for the Desert Southwest Conference are initiating a Conference-wide home build in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico, through 1Mission. The house will be small, 11′ x 24′, but it will have a solid roof and a door that locks. And it will belong to the family.

1Mission is a Christian community development organization headquartered in Phoenix which builds homes in Puerto Peñasco and Hermosillo, Mexico. From their Base Camp, 7 miles north of downtown Peñasco, they have built more than 800 homes since 2008. 1Mission provides the materials, tools, and location; volunteers provide the labor, love, and energy. More Information about 1Mission is available at www.1Mission.org.

Individual churches can contact 1Mission directly and schedule their build (trips@1Mission.org). 1Mission will provide a Leader’s Manual and instructions on how to manage the building trip. But if your church has “orphans” who are interested in going (or if you are an “orphan”) but your church is not able to develop a group, I should be able to connect your “orphans” with another group that is going.

About the Conference Mission Trip

The 3-day home build experience is scheduled for March 1-4, 2019. Southbound travel will be Friday, March 1. Some groups will arrive in the afternoon and others may arrive later. The build will be Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, finishing about noon on Monday, with northbound travel on Monday afternoon. I understand that this may (or not) be a school day and that that may be a factor.

This is by no means an effort to draw individuals and groups away from other mission involvements – it is an effort to involve people who are unlikely to go on other trips in an awesome weekend mission experience with brothers and sisters in Christ.

For more information or to arrange a time to meet with mission passionate people from your church, contact Mike Eyer at (623) 810-5600 and download the two files below.

Click on the link below to find an annotated photo album from a 2016 trip with volunteers from Sierra Vista UMC, The Fountains UMC, Gilbert First UMC, and Spirit of Hope UMC – Peoria.


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