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There’s a new communication channel for the Desert Southwest Conference United Methodist Men. It’s a monthly newsletter called, The Compass. The publication is published on the 15th of the month and includes information for every church with or without a chartered UMM group. The first issue included articles on scouting ministries, SAWs ministry, and an individual’s story about what happened when a group of men gave their best to achieve a common goal.

Direct links to the General Church UMM website, Amend Together ministry, Servants at Work (SAWs), and Scouting ministries will always be available on the bottom of each newsletter.

You should subscribe now to this monthly publication because it’s not just another newsletter. It’s a way for the people in your church to take it’s men’s ministries up another level. If you know your men’s group is already the gold standard of giving God your best, you should all subscribe to this newsletter so that each month you’re reminded to share your men’s ministry stories and find ways to collaborate with other men around the Desert Southwest Conference. Imagine what God might do through you because you connected with Conference UMM and started new relationships with others that are interested in giving God their best.

Does your church have a men’s group? Is the group chartered through United Methodist Men? Do you know the benefits of becoming a chartered organization? Contact David James, President of the Desert Southwest Conference United Methodist Men at azdlj412@gmail.com.

To subscribe, click on the green Subscribe Now button below to go to www.dscumc.org/subscribe. Fill out the form and select the UMM option. Click the subscribe button on that page. Finally, go to your email account and click on the link you receive from the Desert Southwest Conference via email.

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On the 15th of the month, you’ll receive your first UMM newsletter at 9:00 AM. Let us know what you think and if you already have a ministry story that others can learn from or join you in ministry, don’t wait. Email David James now at azdlj412@gmail.com.

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