UMCOR West is located in the heart of Salt Lake City, and its one of two UMCOR Relief-Supply warehouses. Mission groups from United Methodist Churches around the country travel to UMCOR West to help assemble, shelve and send out relief supplies to populations affected by natural disasters. For more information please visit UMCOR.ORG and click on the Relief Supply tab.


UMCOR West Mission Opportunities

Recently, UMCOR West expanded its volunteer capacity for weekly workgroups in an effort to grow the UMCOR “footprint” in the Salt Lake Valley. As a result, there are a several openings for 2019 and UMCOR staff are eager to welcome greater numbers of volunteers! All group sizes and age ranges are welcome. Please contact Rev. Brian Diggs at 801-973-7250 or email bdiggs@umcor.org to book a mission trip.

UMCOR West Sewing Room

The UMCOR West sewing room continues to be a vital part of the United Methodist mission in Utah and around the west.  Led by Salt Lake resident Diane Minerich, sewers are now focused on creating and or collecting the following items:

  1. Blankets for Homeless Designed for Multiple uses (3X6 with quilt batting, dimensions, and pictures available upon request)
  2. Camping Pillows
  3. Drawstring Shorts (Pattern: Simplicity 1520, use longer leg length on the pattern)
  4. Plastic Mats for the Homeless (created out of plastic grocery store bags) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELO0NjhYuSg
  5. 1’ Elastic (used for making shorts)
  6. Twin Sized Quilt Tops or backing for Homeless Youth Shelter

For more detailed information regarding the UMCOR West sewing room, please contact Diane at 801-694-1158.

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Author: DSC Communications

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