Who should come to a Holy Huddle on the future of The UMC?

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Have you wondered what will happen to your church after the 2019 Special Session of the General Conference? Are you worried about losing friends that think differently than you about the future of The UMC?

Patricia Miller, Executive Director of the Confessing Movement and Matt Berryman, former Executive Director of Reconciling Ministries talk about their friendship and their experiences serving together on the Commission on A Way Forward. They have opposite views of the Way Forward but their faith allows them to develop relationships with each other showing Christ’s love.

We hope you’ve heard about the Holy Huddles on the future of The UMC to be led by Bishop Bob beginning on October 5, 2018. Twelve gatherings are scheduled all over the Desert Southwest Conference.

Should you go to a Holy Huddle?

Yes, the laity clergy combined huddles are open to all. We invite you to bring your church friends too. Together we will learn from various speakers and we’ll participate in table discussions to unpack and pray for the future of The United Methodist Church in the Desert Southwest Conference. Don’t worry if your friends think differently than you about this subject. From the video, Patricia and Matt showed us that you can be on opposite sides of the issue and continue to treat each other with respect and love.

Visit www.dscumc.org/general-conference to find a complete listing of the Holy Huddles for clergy and Holy Huddles for clergy and laity. Then add the Holy Huddle for you to your personal calendar.

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