By Faith Action for Children on the Move | Global Partners Forum held in Rome on October 16-19, 2018.

We believe that no child should be forced to flee their home. No child on the move should be subjected to violence. Yet 28 million children are away from their homes today. They are vulnerable, unprotected, and invisible to so many of us. People of faith have long been a powerful force in the world, leading work to shift attitudes, and end violence against children. The Faith Action for Children on the Move: Global Partners Forum will bring together a diverse group of faith-based organizations to reflect on, and commit to, our responsibilities and contributions to ending violence against children on the move.

Join Faith Action for Children on the Move for the Global Partners Forum on October 16th-19th at the Jesuit Curia Conference Center.


Children leave their homes for a variety of reasons. Whether they travel with their families, independently as unaccompanied children, or with an extended family or non-family member as separated children, they face challenges and risks they don’t deserve and should not have to face. As organizations working with children on the move, we are witnesses to how they are living through a range of devastating, violent experiences. We are called to act with urgency and commit to working together in new ways to determine how they are living through a range of devastating, violent experiences.


  • Learn: Compile and analyze current responses of faith communities, the programme approaches we use, best practices, policy frameworks, advocacy efforts, and gaps.
  • Exchange: Discern, share, and build consensus among faith groups, alongside decision makers, children and communities on issues related to violence, migration, displacement, and trafficking.
  • Inform: Produce a publication capturing the essence of the process, key issues, and the plan of action to inform, inspire, and equip others into the future.
  • Plan: Plan action to increase awareness, strengthen partnerships, improve delivery, scale up interventions, and influence decision-making.


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Author: DSC Communications

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