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Originally published by The Mountain Sky Conference

The Mountain Sky Conference utilizes many means of technology to communicate with those in our area. However, it is through these same channels that criminals may attempt identity theft, phishing, and other scams. It is important to stay alert when opening emails, clicking links, and accepting follow/friend requests. Click here to find a helpful article from Wired with guidelines for opening emails, even if it seems to be from someone you recognize. Click here to find a list of common phishing scams compiled in an article by Brazos Wellness.

In addition, here are some helpful tips for recognizing official communications from the Mountain Sky Conference:

  • Official conference emails will come from @mtnskyumc.org email addresses. If you receive an email that seems odd, email communications@mtnskyumc.org immediately.
  • Do not respond/click on links from suspicious email addresses. The conference will only ask for personal information through official channels, such as registrations and surveys. If you receive an email asking for a phone number/email address, make sure it is from one of the conference email addresses, and if you are unsure, email communications@mtnskyumc.org.
  • Our official social media channels are listed here. If you get a request or message from any other entity than those listed, it is not from the conference. Please email communications@mtnskyumc.org with any fraud social media page requests.
  • Bishop Karen Oliveto has personal social media pages at this time, but several fake accounts have been created. Bishop Oliveto communicates officially through conference channels. Any other communication claiming to be from the bishop via social media will be from a fake account.


Messages from the Desert Southwest Conference will include @dscumc.org in the email address. Please email communications@dscumc.org if you suspect or are a victim of email or social media scams.

The official social media accounts for the Desert Southwest Conference are:

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