God made things happen through great people, Potosi Pines Camp

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By Phyllis Murray, North District Lay Leader

There have been so many wonderful stories about Potosi, but I love the ones about how God made things happen through great people.

When the original cabins were built there was no electricity to them.  It was hard not having lights, much less fans, and heat.  “Everyone” (whoever they were) kept saying it was too expensive to run power up the hill.

One of the parents from the 4H camp, Mark Worker, approached us one day and asked if there was anything we needed at Potosi.  John Murray asked him what he did, and Mark replied that he was with a large electrical contracting company in the area.  We asked Mark to give us an estimate to run power to the 5 cabins, just so we would know what ‘too expensive’ looked like!  Mark did a walkabout and told us that he could personally provide most of the materials if we could provide some volunteer labor for 2 Saturdays.

Providing help, and lunch, was easy, and Mark was as good as his word, and the cabins were glowing and welcoming very soon.  It was a good lesson in accepting offered help, finding out what really needed to be done, and trusting that God can provide.

Thanks to Mark, Diane, and Nathan Worker, for their generous gifts of time and talent to Potosi Pines Camp!

Then the story about heat for those same cabins…

In an effort to make the camp usable during more months of the year, we had used a variety of heating methods, all proving inadequate.  We had obtained an estimate for propane and electrical heat for the cabins, but there was just no budget available at the time.  One day I received a call from Rev. Billy Martin who was serving the Pahrump Valley UMC.  Rev. Martin had performed a funeral for a family that did not attend his church.  When the estate was probated there were funds designated for the church, and the congregation decided to tithe 10% of that gift to Potosi Pines.  Rev. Martin asked if there was something special we needed, and I said we were working on funding heat for the cabins, and I asked how much The Potosi gift would be.  He replied “about $700.00”.   I glanced down at the heating estimate, and it was $649.00!

We were able to install wonderful heaters that have allowed the cabins to be used all year long!  Once again, God provided what was needed through generous and amazing people.

Through the years Potosi has benefited from the labors of volunteers and the gifts of resources and referrals of many people.


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