Certified Lay Speakers in the South District

by | Oct 9, 2018 | South District Newsletter

At the recent South District 3rd Annual Lay Servant Celebration on September 29, 2018, we had the honor and privilege of holding a commitment service to recognize six persons who had achieved the status of Certified Lay Speaker.  In addition to completing the required classes:  Lay Servant Basic Course; Discover Spiritual Gifts; Lead in Prayer; Lead in Worship; Preaching; UM Heritage and UM Polity, they each had a sermon critiqued.  They were also interviewed by D.S. Mark Conrad, and District Co-Directors Kelly Deyoe and Gretchen Lofgren, and approved by the Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries, Sheryl McKinney.

It is our pleasure to introduce the following as Certified Lay Speakers in the South District:

  • Joe Jameson is a member of Christ Church UM in Tucson.  Joe is a leader in his church and has served on several committees.  He has a passion for leading worship and preaching.
  • Anita Lange is a member of First UMC in Tucson.  Anita is Lay Leader in her church, leads Bible Study and can be counted to preach when called upon.  Anita also assists with co-teaching the Basic Class for Lay Servant Ministries.
  • Francisco (Frank) Mendoza is a member of St John’s UMC in Tucson.  Frank is Lay Leader in his church and is active in almost every area of ministry at St John’s as well as singing in the choir.  He can be counted on to recruit his fellow members to participate in Lay Servant classes.
  • Doris & Harry Magargee are members of Sierra Vista UMC in Sierra Vista.  Together they work towards promoting Lay Servant Ministries and have recently been instrumental, along with their Pastor to re-ignite Huachuca City UMC.  They schedule the speakers and preach themselves when called upon.  They are also active in the church’s Wednesday night vespers.
  • Jayne (Zhenya) Knoche is a member of Sierra Vista UMC in Sierra Vista.  Zhenya is very active in many areas of her church; preaches at Wednesday night vespers and at Huachuca City UMC.

We hope that you will keep these courageous disciples in prayer while continuing to encourage all of our laity to experience the Lay Servant Ministry program.  These lay speakers stand ready to assist our clergy and churches in leading worship and preaching whenever called upon, we hope you will use them in ministry.


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Author: District Office

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