An exciting project has emerged from a First UMC-Tempe discussion class on The Anatomy of Peace, and we want you to be a part of it!

The Anatomy of Peace is one of the books that the Annual Conference delegates reviewed for their work last June. One of the members of the class said they would like to see a copy of this book at every seat of our Arizona State Legislature when they reconvene on January 14, 2019. The rest of the class jumped on the band wagon!

Our initial goal is to purchase 90 books for $10 each. We also hope to supply the Tempe Mayor and Tempe Community Council with copies. You may want to consider your city’s mayor and community council.

We hope to present these books in a personal way, by reaching out to our representatives and senators in all parts of the Desert Southwest Conference; all to lead to the transformation of the world! We need your help and participation to accomplish this, with donations of $10 or more, and to deliver the books in your legislative district.

The benefit we see within our class is the motivation for this project. As Christians, we strive always to put Christ first, keeping in mind our mission of Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World. How do we move forward with this mission when we are so divided over some topics we cannot talk together civilly? As a class we have taken a contentious issue in our church and applied the concepts of The Anatomy of Peace to see how we can resolve this issue together!

We believe this type of conflict resolution would strengthen the leadership of our communities, states, and, ultimately, our country.

We understand the value of having a secular book that supports our Christian understandings of living and working in community with one another despite strong differences in opinion.

If we are successful, we will continue the project to have copies for Congress. We hope to have you join us in this endeavor!

Please contact Rev. Rosemary Anderson by calling or texting 480-688-4664, email revrose04@gmail.com or message through Tempe First UMC Facebook.

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