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Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Day of Learning is a time to connect as the people of God, to learn and grow, and to become better equipped to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Plan to attend and engage with clergy and lay colleagues from the West District.

Rev. Rob Rynders will be our keynote speaker. He will be presenting Creating and Maintaining Communities of Faith for the 21st Century: Learnings from The Orontes Project.

$15.00 on/before January 25
$20.00 after January 25

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New for 2019 – You can choose from three locations to attend the Day of Learning.

  • Dove of the Desert UMC — 7201 W. Beardsley, Glendale
  • Trinity UMC — 3030 S. 8th Ave, Yuma
  • Mountain View UMC — 901 S. 12th Street, Cottonwood

Workshops Offered (select two)
Further Discussion with Rev. Rob Rynders **
Join our keynote speaker for a more in depth discussion on Creating and Maintaining Communities of Faith for the 21st Century: Learnings from The Orontes Project.

Behavioral Health – Caring for Others/Caring for Ourselves – Rev. Joshua Warner **
Mental health is important. It affects how we feel, act, deal with stress and relate to others. Our Wesleyan heritage calls us to take care of our whole being including our physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn some basics about mental health, how to help others and ways to respond to persons in crisis in the church and in the communities where we live.

Discipling Systems – Rev. Dave McPherson **
If the purpose of The UMC is to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” then we first need to know what a disciple is. And once a church knows, then how does a church “make” disciples? This workshop will deal with discipling systems. It will look at “membership” and “discipleship”. The workshop will also explore the processes Jesus and John Wesley used, and how to create a process for your church today.

Congregational Care Ministries – Rev. Leah Bergstrom
Are your people complaining that no one cares and that no one ever visits anymore? A model will be presented on how to organize a Care Team to reach out to the needs of your homebound members and to others going through tough times. This is an inexpensive yet effective plan to empower lay people.

Going Green – Julie O’Neal
Join Julie in learning easy steps to reducing your waste in the home, at church, and in the community. These steps include reducing plastic products; composting; recycling; eliminating product packaging and more. There will be time for crowdsourcing and Q & A.

Not My War – Rev. Tina Marie Rees
Have you ever found yourself in an unending conflict that you swore you would do anything to end … but just couldn’t find the way? The Anatomy of Peace offers us a sure path out of the wars we find ourselves caught in, but first we must learn to see how we feed the spirit of war so that it remains alive. Learn how it can truly be ‘not your war’ anymore.

** Available at Mountain View UMC-Cottonwood and Trinity UMC-Yuma via live stream & live chat.

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Lunch will be provided to all in attendance and is included in your registration fee. You must register for this event.

We offer FREE childcare and lunch for registered infants and children of all ages and abilities. Contact Carla at 602-798-8236 to
register for childcare before January 25.

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