Slowing Down to Enjoy Christmas

by | Dec 18, 2018 | North District Web Page, North District Newsletter

What is your personal Christmas Wish?

Over the years, I have wondered what it would be like to have a personal assistant in my home.  I would ask my personal assistant to straighten my sock drawer, run up to the store for that forgotten item, sort out my email inbox, make sure I don’t forget important birthdays . . .

So far, the closest I have come to this is a digital personal assistant — Google, Cortana, Siri, Echo, Alexa. Limited, but helpful — at least sometimes.

“Hey Google…Make me a sandwich.”
Her reply…”Poof…You’re a sandwich.”

Not quite what I was hoping, but amusing ;-).

At this season of the year, the calendar is full, and the to-do-list is long. A personal assistant might be handy. I decided to ask mine a somewhat existential question since she seems to have went in that direction about the sandwich.

“Hey Google…what are ways I can make Christmas more meaningful?”
Her reply…”Check out these ways to make Christmas more meaningful for your family…”

1.       Learn about your family cultural heritage,
2.       Create simple family traditions,
3.       Slow down and let go of expectations,
4.       Prepare for Christmas by keeping Advent.

I think my personal assistant is spot on. I especially appreciate the Slow Down recommendation. This helps me to focus upon what (and mostly who) is important. The Christmas meaning is not found in all the stuff and activity, but in the people and relationships. It begins with a Christ connection, who blesses all your other relationships.

When Mary received the Good news of the birth of our Savior, she traveled to a village in the Judean countryside to spend time with family. Elizabeth helped Mary to sort it all out and know the meaning of the moment.  May your Christmas be filled with meaningful and magnificent moments which fill your spirit to overflowing in a way that those around are blessed.

Think Magnificat — “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior” (Luke 1).

As you share the Gospel news with the youngsters in your life, have a little fun, too…Ask your personal assistant — “Hey Google, call Santa”! Enjoy the miracles.

Have a Blessed and HoHoHoly Christmas, Dan

(This is the website Google Assistant referenced. . . https://www.backwoodsmama.com/2017/11/12-ways-to-make-christmas-more-meaningful-for-your-family.html)




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Author: Dan Morley

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