How can your church increase vitality by touring the Maricopa Re-entry Center (MRC) on January 16th?

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By Dean Richardson, Prison Reform Committee Chair for the Desert Southwest Conference

Our current Conference vision asks us to be a Courageous Church: loving like Jesus, acting for justice, united in hope. We have multi-faceted opportunities to live these attributes when we get out of the church, meet new people, and dig deeper into missional possibilities for Prison Reform.  Last month we invited you to attend ‘An Evening with Khalil.’ Today we are inviting you to tour the Maricopa Re-entry Center; we will also be taking donations of clothing needed at the center (See list at end of this article).

What is Maricopa Re-entry Center (MRC) and what does it have to do with Prison Reform?

The MRC is an example of the state of Arizona making good faith efforts to lower the recidivism rate for those being released from prison (percentage of those being released from prison who relapse to a previous behavior resulting in a return to prison). In many cases, a ‘returning citizen’ cannot meet all the technical requirements placed on him/her as a condition of their release. The MRC exists so that those men who failed to meet requirements can be referred by their parole officer to an alternative level of supervision instead of immediate return to prison.

On Wednesday, January 16, at 10:00 AM we will visit the facility with Warden Barnhart to gain insight into the facility’s purpose, goals, and operations. As possible we will meet the staff and those under MRC supervision. A tour of the grounds is anticipated, so please anticipate a walking experience. You are also invited to attend a luncheon at a local restaurant following the tour to discuss the experience.

How does touring the Re-Entry Center increase vitality?

Communities of faith are most vital when learning about and acting on justice issues. As you find out more about the MRC, you may discern that its existence is serving justice issues. I invite you to meet us at the MRC site at 9:45 AM January 16t, for a 10:00 AM tour of the facility. The facility is located at 24601 N 29 Ave, Phoenix, AZ  85027.

Jesus said when we visit those in prison, we visit him. Can supervised assistance be more just and cost-effective than an immediate return to prison when facing technical or substance abuse rule infractions? Come join us on the tour and discussion lunch following.

How do I get started?

Please click here to view Frequently Asked Questions regarding the MRC.

Contact Dean Richardson at jdrich@cox.net if you have questions. We do need an anticipated headcount, so please contact Dean to indicate your interest.

Possible items to bring as donations include any type of clothing such as:

  • Jackets
  • Socks
  • T-shirts
  • Undershirts
  • Boxers
  • Black or brown shoes (special need)
  • Hygiene items
  • AAA batteries


Tour of Maricopa Re-entry Center, 24601 N. 29 Ave, Phoenix, AZ. Meet on January 16 at 9:45 at the site for the 10:00 AM tour. (Luncheon following) Contact Dean Richardson at jdrich@cox.net to register.

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